Shake Up Learning Resources & Lessons

In my book, Shake Up Learning: Practical Ideas to Move Learning From Static to Dynamic, I share a ton of resources, videos, and ideas. These resources and more are available on this site to help extend your learning.

Book/Chapter Resources

There is a resource page for each of the twenty chapters in the book, which includes discussion questions, chapter actions, and resources. You can find these by clicking on “BOOK,” from the menu, which will give you the clickable table of contents. Or, if you know what chapter you are looking for, you can navigate directly from the menu to the chapter.

chapter resources

 Lesson Plans

  • MODEL LESSONS: To access the model lessons shared in the book, CLICK HERE.
  • GET LESSONS: To search for lessons in the Dynamic Learning Database, CLICK HERE.
  • SUBMIT LESSONS: To submit your own lessons, CLICK HERE.

 Templates & Downloads

Access PDF downloads, templates, and other free resources on the Templates & Downloads page.

Blog Posts

I regularly blog about topics related to this book, especially Dynamic Learning. You can find all of the related blog posts curated on this page: