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Chapter 8: Uberize Learning and Curate Resources

discussion questions

Discussion Questions

  • How are you Uberizing your learning and finding new resources?
  • How do you curate resources for yourself and your students?
  • What curation strategy or tool would you like to try?

chapter actions

Chapter 8 Actions

  • If you have not been digitally curating resources, try something new! Whether it’s bookmarking in your browser or curating on Diigo, YouTube, or Pinterest.
  • Create a YouTube playlist for a learning experience in your classroom (three or more videos).
  • Create a Pinterest account, and create a board with lesson ideas on one specific topic.
  • Research other curation tools, and find what works for you!
  • Create a learning experience for students to learn at least one way to curate resources for learning.

additional resources

Additional Resources

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