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Chapter 5: Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

discussion questions

Discussion Questions

  • How do you create a culture of risk taking in the classroom? How do you react when your students don’t grasp a concept or skill the first time you teach it?
  • What opportunities do you give students to take risks?
  • How are you modeling risk taking?
  • Are you providing long-term learning experiences that give students the opportunity to create their own path toward the learning goals? If not, what are some long-term learning experiences you would like to try?
  • What opportunities have you avoided because of self-imposed limitations?

chapter actions

Chapter 5 Actions

  • Think about a risk you have been avoiding. It could be personal or professional. Be honest and write down what is truly holding you back. Now write down what the possible pay off could be. Ready to move forward? Create a list of steps to accomplish this goal and get moving!
  • Start a discussion in your classroom about risk taking. What kind of learning risks are okay? Do students feel comfortable sharing and asking questions when they are unsure of the answer?
  • Model something new for your students that you have never tried before. Let them know you aren’t sure if it will work and that you are taking a risk.
  • Have a “Failing Forward Day” dedicated to stepping out and trying new things in the classroom. Use this to help build a culture of risk taking in the classroom.
  • 18 Challenges for Teachers in 2018 (FREE eBook) ( – This is an eBook I created at the beginning of 2018 to challenge teachers to learn and try new things. Take a gander and try something on this list.

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