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Chapter 20: Go For It!

chapter actions

Chapter 20 Actions

  • Write, blog, video, or sketch a reflection about the implementation of your Dynamic Learning Experience:
    1. What went well? (Start off with the positive.)
    2. What didn’t go well?
    3. What would you change?
    4. Was it dynamic?
    5. How was it different from other learning experiences you have facilitated in the past?
    6. Feel free to add any other comments, suggestions for other teachers, or fun anecdotes.
    7. Share and discuss your experience with a colleague to help you debrief.
  • Make any necessary revisions to your template so you can make it even better next time.
  • Add the reflection to your template and submit to the Dynamic Learning Database.
  • Reflect on the entire book: I Used to Think, But Now I Think (Visible Thinking Routine)
    • I used to think ______. (Fill in the blank about any preconceived notions you had before reading this book.)
    • But now I think _______. (Fill in the blank with any ideas that have changed as a result of reading this book.)
    • SHARE this reflection on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, as a Book Snap, whatever!



Most of all, I invite you to share your Shake Up Learning Success Story! Being a teacher is hard, and we all need to support each other by sharing our experiences, our best practices, our tips. Please take a moment to remember the power of sharing your voice and the influence you can have on other educators across the globe by sharing your success story. Feel free to include pictures of student work, students (if you have permission), links to your Dynamic Learning Experience, and more. Share this anywhere you like and in any format you prefer, and please share with me. I love to see what great things you are doing!

 additional resources

Additional Resources

The Dynamic Learning Workshop (Online Course)

Is the learning in your classroom static or dynamic? Meaning, does your classroom offer one and done type of learning activities, or does the learning grow, inspire, and evolve throughout the year and beyond? With digital tools like G Suite for Education that are available 24/7, the learning doesn’t have to stop when the bell rings, or when the worksheet is turned in. The learning takes on a life of its own; it becomes dynamic. Join Kasey Bell of for this one day workshop where we will take a deep dive into the Dynamic Learning Model and Framework, and create an action plan for meaningful learning transformation.

Register here:

Bring Dynamic Learning to Your School or District

Want to shake things up and bring the power of Dynamic Learning to your school or district? Send me a PD request using this form.

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