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Chapter 17: Facilitating with Finesse

discussion questions

Discussion Questions

  • How do you balance the art of facilitation? How do you guide them without directing them too much?
  • Have you ever had to abandon a lesson because the technology wouldn’t cooperate? Explain. What would you do differently?
  • What are your favorite strategies for facilitation? Please share on Twitter with the #ShakeUpLearning hashtag or in the Facebook Group.
  • In what ways could you make use of the student tech experts in your classroom?
  • How do you give feedback on digital assignments? Where do you see room for improvement?
  • How do you assess digital work? What is something you would like to change or improve in this process?
  • How do you monitor progress on long-term projects?

chapter actions

Chapter 17 Actions

  • Try one of the facilitation strategies from this chapter in your next lesson.
  • Create a tech expert role or team for your classroom or school to both empower students and help you focus on facilitation. (Check out the Chrome Squad resources below for ideas.) Create a rubric for a digital assignment that is designed to assess the content or skills for that particular unit or lesson. Try to avoid adding things like the number of slides required.
  • Try the TAG strategy for peer-to-peer feedback:
    • T – Tell the creator something you like.
    • A – Ask the creator a question about their work.
    • G – Give the creator a suggestion for improvement.

additional resources

Additional Resources

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