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Chapter 14: The Dynamic Learning Model

discussion questions

Discussion Questions

  • What are the barriers and challenges you face when you try to integrate the Four C’s and the ISTE Standards for students?
  • What are some dynamic learning upgrades you could use in your favorite learning experiences?
  • What is one thing you could try next week?

chapter actions

Chapter 14 Actions

  • Dig deeper into the ISTE Standards for Students, and see how they can be applied in your grade level and subject area.
  • Look at your curriculum and lesson plans, and make a list of five places where you see opportunities for dynamic learning. Share that list with a fellow teacher and trade some ideas.
  • To learn more about the 4 Cs, go to and Then make a list of three to five ways you can integrate the 4 C’s in your classroom.

 additional resources

Additional Resources

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