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Chapter 12: Go Global

discussion questions

Discussion Questions

  • In what ways have you helped your students to connect with the world?
  • Brainstorm some ideas for your classroom and your students. Where are their opportunities to go global? What work could be published for an intentional and authentic audience?
  • Whom would you like to invite into your classroom—maybe an author, an expert, or students from another country?

chapter actions

Chapter 12 Actions

  • Join Google Connected Classrooms to connect with other educators, organizations, and classroom projects that bring the field trips to you.
  • Share student work on Twitter using the #Comments4Kids or #Kidtweet hashtag to get feedback for your students.
  • Create a class blog or individual student blogs to allow students to share their learning, projects, and reflections. Encourage students to share links to help them get feedback from an authentic audience.
  • Follow the hashtag #GlobalEd for more ideas on ways to go global!

 additional resources

Additional Resources

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