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Chapter 1: 21st Century Change

questions to ponder

Discussion Questions

  • Think about how you learn in the twenty-first century. How is it changing?
  • How are you preparing students to learn, live, and work in an ever-changing society?
  • Think about your career so far. We all watch the pendulum swing back and forth when it comes to pedagogy and best practices in instruction and assessment. No matter where you are in your career path, as a teacher, you have seen change. How do you react to changes in your job, your classroom, your teaching? How do you react to new advancements in technology?
  • As a teacher, or whatever your role in education, do you ever feel like you are part of the “factory?” Why or why not?
  • Twenty-first-century teaching and learning is about more than buzzwords, so start a conversation with a colleague, a member of your personal learning network, or your administrator about how to shake up learning. Are you doing what’s best for kids? Is your school part of the conversation?

chapter actions

Chapter 1 Actions

  • Join the global conversation on Twitter! Let’s discuss twenty-first-century change and embrace the digital learning revolution with the Shake Up Learning hashtag: #ShakeUpLearning.
  • Watch Seth Godin: The School System, and reflect on the argument he presents.
  • Brainstorm three things you would like to see changed in your educational system.
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